plan your design

Take advantage of the tools in the studio as well as our staffs' knowledge of basic and advanced techniques. We provide brushes, sponges, stencils, stamps, tape and specialty tools to help with your design.

sign your piece

When you are done creating use our special underglaze pencil to sign your piece with your name, initials or the date. Something to identify your piece as well as mark the memory.

pick up in 10 days

Leave your completed piece with us so that we can glaze it and fire it for you. We will be sure to take good care of it while it is in our hands. At checkout we will give you a date that your item will be ready for pick up.

choose your piece

Choose from a large selection of over 200 different "bisque" shapes, ranging from  plates, bowls and mugs to banks, boxes and animal figurines. Bisque is greenware that has been fired once and is ready for the color glaze. 

1306 old lancaster pike

hockessin DE 19707

choose colors

Our large array of color glazes including more than 75 vibrant colors will help you create a successful design.

Projects are available to fit any budget. Tiles and ornaments start at $10. plates, bowls and mugs range from $18-$28. Banks, boxes and figurines start $15. Our "ALL-INCLUSIVE" pricing systems means the price you see is the price you pay. There are no additional charges for studio time, paint or firing. The cost of an afternoon creating memories with loved ones is priceless. Allow up to an hour for children to complete a project. Adults can take longer depending upon their design.

start painting

Add color glaze to your piece keeping in mind that to achieve a solid color you need to apply three coats of color, allowing each coat to dry in between.